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X-NAV Tech

Better, Faster Dental Implant Placement

CBCT scan being take of young woman Placing dental implants is an extremely delicate treatment, which is why Dr. Hsu plans extensively before each procedure using a 3D scan of a patient’s mouth and jaw. But, what if she could use that scan while she was placing implants to help her see even better? That’s exactly what X-NAV Tech enables her to do, improving her accuracy while also making the procedure faster and less invasive. With it, implants have better stability, more longevity, and require less recovery time, allowing a patient to regain their complete smile as quickly as possible.

What is X-NAV Tech?

X-NAV Tech is a suite of software that enables Dr. Hsu to take a 3D scan of a patient’s mouth and jawbone, and then use that scan in real-time to see inside the jaw during dental implant placement. This interactive scan helps her more precisely position an implant, achieving the perfect depth and angle within the bone. She’s able to clearly see the orientation of the implant below the surface of the jawbone down to fractions of a millimeter, taking any guesswork out of the procedure to ensure a successful result.

The Benefits of Implant Placement with X-NAV Tech

The Smarter Way to Replace Your Missing Teeth

X-ray of dental implant placed with X-NAV TechWhile plenty of dentists offer to place dental implants, very few of them use this technology to do so. At DFW Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, Dr. Hsu is always striving to improve herself and deliver even better care, which is why she invests in the latest proven technology that enhances both treatment outcomes and the patient experience.

If you’re interested in getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth, and you want the process to be as convenient, reliable, and successful as possible, then we invite you to come see us today and benefit from truly leading-edge dentistry.

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