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IV Sedation

Like oral sedation, IV sedation provides patients with an effective way of easing anxiety and enjoying a more comfortable procedure. It’s especially suited for patients with moderate to severe anxiety, or patients who are undergoing a more comprehensive procedure. Our team will have precise control over your level of sedation the entire time and will monitor your condition from the beginning of your appointment to the very end.

Because the effects of IV sedation take some time to wear off, you’ll need to have someone with you to drive you home and stay with you for a few hours after your appointment. Avoid any strenuous activity for the rest of the day and just use it to rest up and recover from your procedure. By the next day, most patients feel well enough to resume their normal activities.

Are you interested in learning more about either oral sedation or IV sedation? Don’t hesitate to call DFW Periodontics & Implant Dentistry in Irving or Southlake. We would be happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Hsu.